The Council of Graduate Education is an elected representative body of Gallaudet faculty members who are charged with supporting excellence in graduate education. Primarily, this body exists to review new program adoptions and modifications to GU’s current curricula.

All curriculum actions must be proposed via Watermark Curriculum Strategy. You will need to fill out the correct form under Curriculum Management by following the requirements set forth by the Table of Authorities.

Proposal Deadlines

October 12, 2021 deadline for:

  • New Programs for Fall 2023
  • Revised Programs for Spring 2023
  • Revised Programs for Summer 2023
  • New and Revised Courses for Spring 2023
  • New and Revised Courses for Summer 2023

February 13, 2022 deadline for:

  • Revised Programs for Fall 2023
  • New and Revised Courses for Fall 2023

*We encourage curriculum changes to be submitted as early as possible*

All new program proposals must be reviewed and approved by the New Program Review (NPR) Committee before they can be reviewed by the CGE. Complete information regarding the NPR process can be found at the link below. On this website, you will find a step-by-step description of the process and downloadable versions of the NPR Stage 1 and Stage 2 proposal forms, as well as the forms used by the NPR Committee to review proposals:NPR Committee Website.


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Council on Graduate Education

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