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Website Architecture and Design

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Information Architecture

When the university began using its current CMS it also did a redesign of the university’s website information architecture-how content is structured and organized throughout the entire site. As websites were transferred into the new system, sites and content were organized with this architecture in mind. New sites added to the overall Gallaudet web presence must fit within this structure. Departments requesting new web sites should work with the Office of Communications and Public Relations and Gallaudet Technology Services to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of the new site. Contact the Helpdesk to request a new website.

Website design/templates

With the use of a content management system, the university has established page design templates that include university approved and consistent headers, footers, colors, fonts, and placement of various pieces of content. There is some flexibility within certain areas of the template. The CMS and the templates are designed so that the average content author, who may not have any web experience, can easily update content without having to know about design and code.

All websites produced by and for the university, for any department, college, office, program or individual, must contain the university header (including the logo), footer, and follow the approved color, font, layout and navigation standards. This applies to sites that have been approved to be managed outside of the official CMS or by third-party vendors.

Home Page Layout

Header and Footer-the header, which contains the university logo, a search field, and navigation to quick links, and the footer, which also contains the logo, quick links, as well as the university address and copyright statement, should appear on all official university web pages.

  1. Navigation Navigation areas of the homepage provide links to areas, identified through information architecture analysis, that are targeted to our key audiences.
  2. Slide show feature stories Slides rotate through a series of stories that highlight the key university messages for prospective students based on the university strategic plan and the university’s marketing plan. Suggestions for content can be made through the News Submission Form.
  3. Upcoming Events Events are submitted by campus constituents and pulled from the university’s online calendar.
  4. Latest News Items listed here are pulled from the On The Green news page. Suggestions for content can be made through the News Submission Form.
  5. Promotions/Highlights This section features and promotes specific special events or content of note. Only two items display at a time, but if there are more than two, the icons will rotate.

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