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T. Alan Hurwitz, president of Gallaudet University, today was presented with the George W. Nevil Award of Merit by Larry Taub, superintendent of the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PSD), at the school’s commencement ceremony.

The Nevil Award, named for a successful 19th century Philadelphia entrepreneur and philanthropist who left his fortune to educate people from Philadelphia who are deaf or blind, is given annually by PSD in recognition of an individual’s outstanding leadership and contributions to improving the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people.

“We are exceptionally proud that Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz is the 24th recipient of the Nevil Award of Merit. His dedicated service for so many years to the deaf community – at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, National Association of the Deaf, the National Captioning Institute, and in his new role at Gallaudet University – is legendary and makes him a most worthy recipient,” said Taub. “We feel privileged to bestow PSD’s highest tribute on Dr. Hurwitz this year.”

“I am both honored and proud to receive the Nevil Award,” Hurwitz said. “Mr. Nevil’s generosity has been steadily and quietly helping countless numbers of young deaf people for more than 100 years. Were he alive today, I know he would be extremely pleased with the positive impact his gift has had the lives of deaf and blind children in Philadelphia and beyond.”


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