Following the development and implementation of the University’s COVID-19 plan, students, staff, and faculty will eventually return to campus. When that happens, public health programs, information, and training need to be made available on an ongoing basis. This information and training will be tailored to the University’s bilingual mission. Our public health program is leading the development of these materials.

As an official partner of Gallaudet University, Sorenson will provide technical and financial support for the public health initiatives of the University related to COVID-19. Sorenson’s assistance will be directed toward:

  • Supporting student peer health and public health ambassadors.
  • Providing and developing ASL accessible COVID-19 training from biological, public health, mental health, and community perspectives. Training will also include appropriate communication skills that aim to reduce stigma, anger, and fear within the community.
  • Developing contact tracing programs and and follow up training to ambassadors on appropriate communications with students who test positive for COVID-19.
  • Ensuring the availability of public health supports, supplies, and resources for the community.

Dr. Alicia Wooten, a professor in the Biology program, said, “This generous partnership with Sorenson will help us in our work towards providing a safe and healthy campus community for Gallaudet students, faculty, and staff.”

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