Every year, Gallaudet produces an Annual Report of Achievements (ARA) to the United States Department of Education to comply with the Education of the Deaf Act (EDA). The ARA contains a narrative about the university’s accomplishments during Fiscal Year 2022 (October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022), along with many data tables and charts. 

The ARA is a useful reference for members of the university community. It is also used to share information with other groups, such as donors and foundations. Its production is managed by the Office of Planning in partnership with University Communications.

This year’s print edition will have 196 pages. The digital edition will be available in mid-January 2023 on the Office of Institutional Research website. 

The university’s Self-Study Report (SSR) to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education also will be submitted in January. This document, submitted for the first time ever in both American Sign Language and English, is an essential part of the university’s reaccreditation process. A reaccreditation review team will visit in late March, and will make their recommendations within a few months after the site visit.

While the ARA and the MSCHE Self-Study Report are separate documents, they are closely related and complementary, and both derive from The Gallaudet Promise and support it. The ARA contains data to meet specific requirements in the EDA and highlights achievements related to the priorities and imperatives in The Gallaudet Promise. It is a key source of data for the MSCHE Self-Study Report, and a central source of information for reaccreditation. Also, The Gallaudet Promise follows the MSCHE standards.

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