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Name ______________________________ Evaluator____________________________ Score _______________________________
  • Accuracy: Is all of the information on the map correct? (The information can only be taken from the article.) Yes __________ No __________ Explain:___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
  • Completeness: Does the map show the main idea, supporting ideas and the most important details? Yes __________ No __________ Explain:___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
  • Visual Appeal and Clarity: Is the map organized clearly and easy to read? __________ Labels are capitalized for the largest categories __________ Sequence and cause/effect relationships are identified by arrows __________ Categories are separated clearly using space and lines __________ Spacing is balanced __________ Different ideas are represented by different geometric shapes. Explain: _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
  • Organization: What is the organizing principle? Which type of map construction did you use? (Comparison/Contrast, Flow Chart, Cause/Effect, Categorical/Hierarchical) Is the information organized correctly? Yes __________ No __________ Explain: ___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

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