Mapping is a process of reorganizing and rearranging (moving) the most important ideas and information from your reading or textbook and converting it into a diagram with your own words to help you understand and remember what you read. Because mapping makes it easier to organize and remember what you have read, mapping is a useful studying technique. Moreover, mapping can help you organize your own writing when used as a pre-writing technique.

How do you select the type of map to be used?

Use Charts or Matrices to compares and contrast qualities, examples, descriptions, and facts.
image of a chart
Use Stars or Spiders to show themes, examples, descriptions, and definitions.
The graphic of a Web
Use Trees or Hierarchies to show categories, classifications, analysis, structures, descriptions, and examples…
The graphic of a Tree
Use Chains to show processes, sequences, causes and effects, chronological order, … and steps.
The graphic of a Chain
Use Flowcharts/Venn Diagrams to show relationships between diagrams, points of overlap, and points of distinction.
The graphic of a Flowchart
Use Sketches to show physical structures, visual images, concrete objects, spatial relationships, and descriptions of places.
The graphic of a Sketch

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