Areas of Study

Student Learning Outcomes for Psychology B.A. program

  • Students will use American Sign Language and written English to communicate information in the field of Psychology effectively with diverse audiences, for a variety of purposes, and in a variety of settings.
  • Students will summarize, synthesize, and critically analyze ideas from multiple sources in order to draw well-supported conclusions and solve problems. Students should be able to use critical thinking, problem solving skills, and scientific analysis when appropriate to solve problems and critically analyze information which is psychological in nature.
  • Students should be able to describe the similarities and differences between the development and psychological characteristics of Deaf and Hard of Hearing and hearing individuals, as well as similarities and differences within the heterogeneous groups found within the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.
  • Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of behavior, thoughts, and feelings of the individual and the individual in group settings (Content/Knowledge Base of Psychology). Students should be able to describe major concepts, theoretical perspectives in selected sub-fields of psychology, representative relevant research findings, and historical and forward looking trends in the field.
  • Students should be able to describe, and apply basic research methodology in psychology to include research design approaches, data analysis, interpretation of findings, limitations of research outcomes, and the uses and potential misuses of research in the field.
  • Students should be able to give clear explanations of ethical issues/dilemmas in psychology, analyze how various value and belief systems lead to different perspectives on ethical issues with respect for human diversity, articulate own opinions on ethical issues and offer reasons/arguments to support opinions on ethical issues, demonstrate intellectual honesty and integrity, understand the standards of ethical behavior in all aspects of the science and practice of psychology, and assess the consequences of actions pertaining to professional development.
  • Students should be able to utilize information from psychology courses and other sources of information in applied learning settings at internship placements. Students should develop pre-professional skills including, punctuality, regular attendance, goal setting, thoroughness, utilization of supervisory input and guidance, professional behaviors with clients, students, teachers, other professionals, parents, etc. Additionally students will learn to connect their classroom studies with hands-on, real world experience. Students should be able to explore realistic ways in which they can utilize their psychological knowledge, skills, and values in occupational pursuits in a variety of settings.
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