Areas of Study

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Intelligently discuss important philosophical problems and theories:
    • Identify philosophical questions, clarifying what is at issue and why the question is controversial.
    • Describe significant attempts to answer these questions (i.e., theories, particular philosophers’ responses).
    • Discuss shortcomings in these attempted answers and how they might be debated.
  • Demonstrate sophisticated critical thinking skills:
    • Analyze arguments, identifying premises, conclusions, assumptions, and logical relations.
    • Evaluate arguments, judging the quality of the reasoning/information and raising specific objections.
    • Provide compelling reasons in support of opinions, avoiding common argument flaws and thoughtfully responding to objections
    • Solve problems logically and innovatively
  • Actively engage with debates and developments in the history of philosophy:
    • Explain themes, theories, and arguments involving philosophers from the (1) ancient/medieval period, (2) early modern period, and (3) late modern to contemporary period, demonstrating connections among them.
    • Critically engage with complex primary source texts.
  • Perform high-quality independent philosophical research:
    • Identify a clear and specific philosophical question and develop a research plan to address it.
    • Integrate material from relevant, diverse, high quality sources to apply to the question.
    • Present arguments that build on other authors’ work, but also include original analysis.
    • Apply the above to create a substantial scholarly document which explores a student-selected philosophical topic.
  • Make reasoned decisions about ethical issues:
    • Recognize ethical issues in complex contexts, clarifying how various issues relate to each other.
    • Articulate multiple points of view on ethics and values.
    • Describe ethical theories, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses.
    • Apply ethical concepts and theories to evaluate actions and debate controversial social issues.
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Philosophy and Religion

SLCC 1112

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