The Gallaudet University COVID-19 leadership team is regularly monitoring trends with COVID-19 cases on campus and in the community. If a significant spike or outbreak occurs, increased health and safety measures are ready for implementation.

If you test positive for Covid-19, please follow the CDC recommendations regarding isolation.

If your positive test or symptom onset was in the past five days, please self-isolate immediately. Day Zero of isolation is the date the positive test was administered or the day of symptom onset, whichever was later.

Any student who lives on campus and tests positve must either:

  • self-isolate in their room for the full length of isolation; or, 
  • find alternate accommodations off campus (such as at home) during isolation. Students will not be relocated and will not be permitted to move to any other residence hall during the isolation period.

If you are exposed to Covid-19, please follow the CDC recommendations regardin quarantine. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Contact Us

Student Health Services

Peter J. Fine Health Center 314

(202) 921-6208

(202) 651-5090

(202) 651-5743

8 AM - 7 PM
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