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The Office of International Affairs (OIA) supports Gallaudet University’s objective for members of the Gallaudet community to apply their knowledge and learning internationally by facilitating the travel process to countries outside the U.S.

International travel supports Gallaudet’s strategic goals related to increasing enrollment, expanding and diversifying funding partnerships, and making Gallaudet a global center for research, development, and outreach. Study, research, and internships abroad allow students to enhance their higher education experience while learning about the world’s cultures. They are allowed to earn credits by conducting a portion of their studies in another country after successfully completing required courses and training at the Gallaudet campus.

Please read Gallaudet University’s Administration and Operations Manual (Section 2.05 International Travel Review Policies and Procedures) for information about traveling abroad to participate in international activities and/or programs approved by the University.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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