International Visiting Scholar (IVS)

Gallaudet welcomes international scholars to join our distinguished community of learners to participate in scholarly research, educational and cultural programs, or cooperative agreements.

Gallaudet University’s IVS offers foreign nationals studying or working in the field of deafness an ideal opportunity to gain experience in the following areas:

J-1 Research Scholar/Professor

  • Observe or consult in connection with research projects, teach courses, present lectures, or lead seminars.
  • Engage in research and/or teaching for up to five years.

(Note: May NOT hold or be candidates for a tenure track position at Gallaudet.)

J-1 Short-Term Scholar

  • Lecture, observe, consult, or participate in seminars, workshops, or conferences for up to six months.

J-1 Specialist

  • Consult, observe, or demonstrate specialized knowledge or skills for up to one year.

(Note: May not fill a permanent or long-term position of employment in the U.S.)

J-1 Student Intern

  • Hosting international students in the U.S. who are currently enrolled and pursuing a degree at a post-secondary academic institution in their home country for up to one year.

(Note: May not fill a permanent or long-term position of employment in the U.S.)


Participants are required to have funds sufficient to cover expenses such as room and board, local travel, health insurance, and other related fees during the period of their program. Per Exchange Visitor regulations, at least 51% of the funding support documents must come from a scholarship, fellowship, or a grant/award from the student’s home university, a government or nongovernment agency, or another organization. Participants must also possess appropriate credentials, experience related to the activity they will be engaged in, and adequate English language proficiency.

To learn more about what Gallaudet has to offer international visiting scholars, email the IVS coordinator at Contact here

All IVS applicants must be sponsored by a faculty member at Gallaudet University or by the Office of International Affairs (OIA).

Visa Requirements

All IVS will be required to obtain a J-1 Exchange Visitor visa. Applicants with B-1, B-2, F-1, F-2, and J-2 visas may not be eligible.

Please note that a tourist visa (B1/B2/WB/WT) status may be, at first glance, thought of as appropriate; however, if the University benefits from the visit, if equipment and facilities used are owned or operated by the University, if the visitor is involved in a formally structured program if the visit, and/or if the research undertaken might result in published work, patent, or discovery, the use of B1/B2/WB/WT visas will contradict U.S. Department of State guidelines. In such cases, only the J-1 visa would be deemed appropriate.


The selection of visiting scholars is based on both an applicant’s purpose, demonstrated record of research accomplishment, and the merit of his or her proposed project. Consideration in the selection process will be given to the following:
  1. The project’s relevance to Gallaudet University’s mission is “… a bilingual, diverse, multicultural institution of higher education that ensures the intellectual and professional advancement of deaf and hard of hearing individuals.”
  2. Innovative projects that hold promise for the advancement of deaf and hard of hearing people.
  3. Candidates who are in good health. Applicants will be required to submit a satisfactory medical certificate from a physician.
  4. Candidates who have sufficient command of written English. It is advisable for applicants to be familiar with American Sign Language as well since this is the first language of the majority of deaf and hard of hearing people on campus.
  5. Candidates with an up-to-date resume/curriculum vitae.

*IVS applications are due April 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester.

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International Visiting Scholar (IVS) Program

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