Former ISS Participants

Witawat 'Paggy' Surittikul

After Witawat “Paggy” Surittikul finished his B.A. in Special Education for the Deaf in Thailand, he came to Gallaudet University in the spring of 2008 through the ISSP. He developed his English and ASL skills over the next two years and eventually became a graduate student, pursuing an M.S. degree in the field of Administration and Supervision.

Rebekka Bieri

Rebekka Bieri is a native of Switzerland who lives in Jordan. She came to Gallaudet to learn about interpreting and how to provide interpreting services.

Former IVS Participants

Sung-Kyu Choi

Dr. Sung-Kyu Choi hails from South Korea, where he has served as director of the School of Special Education, Chair of Elementary Special Education, at Daegu University, and is currently Chair of the Graduate School of Special Education and Director of the Research Foundation for Deaf Education and Rehabilitation. Dr. Choi’s field of interest and research is the concept of bilingual and bicultural education.

Goedele De Clerck

Ms. Goedele De Clerck is a Ph.D. student from the University of Ghent, Belgium, whose research is on transnational commonalities in deaf people’s lives.

Ana Regina Campello

Dr. Ana Regina Campello is a native of Brazil, where she is a professor of Deaf Education at the Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina and served for four years as the first president of the Brazilian Association for the Deaf. She visited Gallaudet University in early December 2005 to conduct research related to deaf education.

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