Graduating from Gallaudet University is something you worked hard to earn, and something you and those closest to you want to celebrate. You set a goal and did it!! Congratulations!!!

The following procedure has been implemented to assist you with obtaining letters of invitation for your family members and friends to attend Gallaudet University’s Commencement Exercises and see you receive your diploma.

Registrar’s Office

  • You are to visit the Office of the Registrar, Chapel Hall 101, and request to be provided with a verification letter. Bring the verification letter to the Office of International Affairs (OIA), Building 103.
    • Completing your degree requirements (if in December) of the current academic year, OR
    • Intent to complete or graduate in May or August of the current academic year


When OIA receives the copy of your verification letter, you will be asked to provide the following information to compose a letter of invitation to your graduation for your relatives and friends:

  • Full name as written on national passport
  • Date of Birth (use United States format of month, day, and year [MM/DD/YYYY])
  • National passport number
  • Complete home address
  • Each individual’s relationship to you (parents, brother, sister, etc.).
  • Address of U.S. Embassy in home country

Please fill out the Graduation Letter of Invitation information form to provide this information.

Allow 10 days for OIA to process the above information and issue you the letter of invitation. The letter will be issued in portable document format (PDF) and emailed to you, unless you request otherwise.

Filling out Forms and Booking a Visa Interview Appointment

  • Email the verification and invitation letters to your relatives and friends.
  • Have your relatives and friends visit the website of the United States Embassy or Consulate to find out the procedures for filing forms, paying appropriate fees, and booking a visa interview appointment. Alternatively, and if practical, have your relatives and friends call the embassy or consulate.
  • Ensure that your relatives and friends are prepared to present evidence to the official of the United States Embassy or Consulate of strong family, economic, and social ties that indicate they will return back home after the visit for your graduation.

Please allow sufficient time (at least two to three months) to gather all required materials and for your relatives and friends to book an appointment for a visa interview.

Be aware that the graduation verification letter from the Registrar’s Office and the letter of invitation to visit for your graduation from OIA do not constitute an agreement for a visitor’s visa to be issued by the United States Embassy or Consulate in your relatives or friends’ home country. Only the officials at the United States Embassy or Consulates in your relatives or friends’ home country have that determination on eligibility for a visa.

Also ensure your relatives and friends are aware that a visa issued does not constitute an automatic entry to the United States. Only the United States Department of Homeland Security officials at ports of entry can determine if a person can enter the United States and, if so, how long he or she may remain.

Contact Us

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

Building 103 #101/102

(202) 250-2294

(202) 651-5150

9:00 am-5:00 pm
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