Areas of Study

Want to find more resources of interest to deaf individuals and the organizations that work with them? Try some of the following links.

People with Disabilities in Developing Countries

Description: Want to learn more about the living conditions that people with disabilities, and deaf people, experience in countries around the world? This link will lead you to more informational resources on the web that can help.

We Can Do blog (Disability, poverty, human rights, and international development)

Description: This blog site periodically posts announcements about conferences, funding opportunities, scholarship opportunities, education and training opportunities, news, informational resources, and toolkits and manuals of interest to deaf and disability advocates in developing countries.

Disability, Poverty, and Development

Description: Follow this link to find hundreds of informational resources about people with disabilities, and deaf people, in relation to topics such as poverty; human rights; international development; inclusive education; the Millennium Development Goals; emergency situations and disability; adolescence; HIV/AIDS; rehabilitation; gender; sexuality; mental health; nutrition; child development; and community-based rehabilitation; and more.

Case Studies of Projects with Deaf Children

Description: This web page will lead you to case studies of projects that have been successful in helping deaf children in various developing countries. Offered at the website for Deaf Child Worldwide (

Resources on Inclusive Education

Description: The Enabling Education Network website can lead you to articles and other informational resources related to inclusive education in developing countries.

Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center

Description: The Clerc Center offers an extensive library of links to online information related to deaf and hard of hearing children from birth through age 21, with an emphasis on their educational, linguistic, social, and emotional development. They also respond to inquiries from families, the general public, deaf and hard of hearing people, and professionals. Most information is targeted at a US audience.

Gallaudet University Archives

Description: Consult the Gallaudet University Archives for tools that can help you find more information and research about deaf people.

Reports on the Living Situation of Deaf People

Description: Right here at the World Deaf Information Resource Project website, you can find links to reports and other documents that can help you learn more about the living situation and human rights conditions of deaf people around the world. At the link, you also will find information about the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), an international human rights treaty that is meant to help protect the human rights of deaf people and people with disabilities.

Deaf Information Resources

Front page for World Deaf Information Resource Project

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