Northern Ireland Deaf Youth Association
Wilton house
5-6 College Square North
Belfast, BT1 6AR
Minicom: 028 9023 6453
Tel/Fax: 028 9043 8566


Provides housing support services, a youth club, a children’s club, and mentoring services for deaf and hard of hearing children in Northern Ireland.

St Joseph’s Centre for the Deaf
21 Grosvenor Road, Belfast
County Antrim. BT12 4LP
Text/Tel/Fax: 028 9032 2256

Deaf Clubs in Northern Ireland, UK

Ballymena Hard of Hearing Club
6 Gortin Heights, Ballymena
County Antrim. BT42 2ND
Tel: 028 25641813

Ballyowen Hard of Hearing Club
c/o Ballyowen Day Centre
Belfast, County Antrim. BT11 9AF
Tel: 028 90233394

Bangor Deaf Club
103 Ballycrochan Road, Bangor
County Down. BT19

Belfast Hard of Hearing Lunch Club
Flat 1, Marsden Gardens, Belfast
County Antrim. BT15 5AN

Carrickfergus/ Larne Deaf Club
13 Hillside Park, Whitehead, Carrickfergus
County Antrim. BT38 9LJ
Text: 028 9337 3138

Dungannon Deaf Club
The Square, Stewartstown
County Tyrone. BT71 5HX

Newry Deaf Club
Conifers Resource Centre
Dromalane Road, Newry
County Down, BT35 8AP
Tel: 028 3025 0800

North Belfast Hard of Hearing Club
18 Waveney Heights, Belfast
County Antrim. BT15 4FA

Deaf Schools in Northern Ireland, UK

Jordanstown School for Children with Auditory or Visual Impairments
85 Jordanstown Road, Newtownabbey
County Antrim. BT37 0QE
Text/Tel: 028 9086 3541
Fax: 028 9086 4356

St Francis De Sales School for Children with Hearing, Speech and Language Difficulties

Beechmount Drive, Belfast
County Antrim. BT12 7LU
Tel: 028 9024 5599

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