DEAFSA – KwaZulu-Natal

Truelove Ndlovu (contact person)

c/o KwaZulu-Natal Deaf Association

180 Mansfield Road, Berea, Durban,4001

[info confirmed w/third party]

KwaZulu Natal Blind and Deaf Society

J. Nair, Director

Mr RR Pillay, President

23 Lorne Street, Durban, 4001

PO Box 1109, Durban,4000

Phone: 031 309 4991

[info confirmed w/third party]

KwaZulu Natal Deaf Association (KZNDA)

Ms Dale Schonewolf, Director

Ms Upasna Ramballi, Social Worker

180 Mansfield Road, Berea, Durban, 4001

Description: the association’s mission is to identify and meet the developmental, emotional, cultural, recreational, and physical needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community of Kwa Zulu Natal. It takes full part in Community life by creating an awareness of our objectives among the general public.

[info confirmed w/third party]

The Southern Light Association of the Blind and Deaf

Ms S Khan, President

C/o Natal Blind and Deaf Society

PO Box 1109,

Durban, 4000

[info confirmed w/third party]

Deaf Religious Organizations in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Catholic Apostolate of the Deaf

Father John Turner CMM (contact person)

The Monastery,1 Monastery Rd, Marianhill, 3624

PO Box 11077, Marianhill, 3624

[info confirmed w/third party

Durban Sign Language Group, Glenwood Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Kingdom Hall : 130 Clark Rd, Berea

PO Box 3835, Durban 4000

[info confirmed w/third party]

Deaf Schools in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Durban School for the Hearing Impaired

Mrs T Naidoo, Principal

16-18 Adams Road, Amanzimtoti, 4125

O Box 1514, Amanzimtoti, 4125

Description:Educates students from pre-school to grade 12.[info confirmed w/third party]

Fulton School For The Deaf

Mrs B Campbell, Principal

8 Roosevelt Road, Gillitts, 3610

Private Bag 9002, Gillitts, 3603

Description:Educates students at the pre-school (from age 3), primary, and secondary school levels. Uses South African Sign Language (SASL) as a medium of instruction.

Indaleni School For The Deaf

Mr Mkhize, Principal

Mr Kwela, Vice Principal

PO Box 669 Richmond, 3780

Description:Educates students up to grade 12.

[info confirmed w/third party]

Kwa Thintwa School For The Deaf

Mrs C Mnthambo, Principal

Inchanga Mission, Oldman Road,

Unchanga. 3670

Private Bag X1018, Hillcrest, 3650

Description:Educates students from pre-school to grade 10.

[info confirmed w/third party]

Kwavulindlebe School for the Deaf

Mrs ND Ndlovu, Principal

c/o V135 Roman Catholic Church, Umlazi

PO Box 12, Durban International Airport, 4029

Description:Educates students up to grade 7.

[info confirmed w/third party]

St Martin De Porres School

Mrs. KNB Nair, Principal

21 Aiken Street, Port Shepstone, 4240

Private Bag X 893, Port Shepstone, 4240

Description:Educates students up to grade 12. Meets the special educational needs of Deaf learners and students with physical and mental disabilities. Instruction is via Sign Language, isiZulu, and English.

[info confirmed w/third party]

Vn Naik School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Mr TM Govender, Principal

Ms N Saman, Social Worker

1201 Inanda Road, Newlands,4051

PO Box 76350,

Marble Ray, 4035

Description:Educates students through grade 12. Provides a prevocational program with possible employment at the end of training. Serves students of the Indian-Hindu, Islamic, and the various Christian faiths. Established in 1983.

[info confirmed w/third party]

Vuleka School For The Deaf

Mr ME Zungu, Principal

Nkandla-Kranskop Road, Nkonisa Reserve, Nkandla

Private Bag 103, Nkandla, 3855

Description:Educates students from pre-school to grade 10.

[info confirmed w/third party]

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