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Savez Gluvih I Nagluvih Srbije I Crne Gore (SGNSCG)

ul. Svetog Save br. 16-18

postanski fah 588

11000 Beograd

Vuka Karadžića 8/1, Beograd, Srbija 11000

Description:Advocates for the rights of deaf people in Serbia; educates the public; and provides technical assistance to organizations in the country. Its website links to institutions, organizations, and other facilities serving deaf people in Serbia.

Udruženje tumača za lica oštećenog sluha Srbije (UTLOSS)

Association of Interpreters for Deaf Persons (AOIFDP)

Cvijiceva 112, 11000 Beograd, Serbia

Description: We are all official interpreters for deaf persons in Serbia. We have vocational trainings for interpreters in sign language, but also we give free lessons to Deaf persons who want to learn English, Spanish, Computer science and we also have art classes for deaf persons. Some members of our association conduct theater plays for raising awareness in inclusion of deaf persons in Serbian society. We also give information in legal aid (when going to police, court, municipality for their documents, etc.), medical aid etc.

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