Our team offers ASL, English and Spanish speech and language diagnostic and therapeutic services for pediatric and adult clients, as well as a range of community and group sessions, auditory (re)habilitation and communication therapies.

Auditory (re)habilitation

Auditory (re)habilitation (AR) encompasses a wide range of practices aimed at optimizing an individual’s ability to participate in activities that have been limited as a result of decreased hearing sensitivity. At the Hearing and Speech Center, we offer individualized AR sessions based on the client’s strengths and areas of difficulty. We address areas such as auditory training, speechreading, communication strategies, and expressive communication and language.

Learn more about our AR services here.


The Hearing and Speech Center employs speech language pathologists who are trained and certified in the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies in the field. Our professionals provide adult services (for clients aged 18 and above) including assessment and treatment to address a client’s individual language strengths and needs.

Find out more about adult services here.


Our state-licensed and ASHA-certified clinicians provide a wide range of pediatric speech and language services including specialized assessments and therapies. We have therapists that are trained/certified in the following: Hanen More Than Words, DIR Floortime, PROMPT, PECS, etc. Pediatric populations we serve include, among others, typically developing children, Deaf/hard of hearing children, children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities (Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, Prader-Willi Syndrome, etc.) and childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).

Learn more about our pediatric services here.

Community/Group Therapy

In addition to the individual and small group therapy sessions, we offer an array of group services for further outreach to members in the Gallaudet community and the Washington DC Metro Area.

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