In addition to the individual and small group therapy sessions, the GUHSC offers the following group services for further outreach to members in the Gallaudet community and the Washington DC Metro Area.

Aural Rehabilitation Groups

Speechreading and Related Topics

The speechreading course series provides clients with a foundation for strong receptive communication. The courses focus on training the individual to watch a speaker’s lips, facial expressions, body language, and gestures in order to understand the spoken message. Through speechreading techniques, the hard of hearing person learns to use visual information, linguistic and situational cues, and communication strategies.

Related topics include:

  • Understanding your hearing loss and audiogram results
  • Communication strategies and behaviors
  • Improving communication skills at home and work
  • Hearing aid care and maintenance
  • Assistive technology
  • Resources and support groups

For individuals who have completed an initial course at Gallaudet University, an advanced speechreading course is offered, depending on a minimum number of registrants. This course covers the basic principles of speechreading and focuses on the use of an assertive approach to communication, appropriate use of strategies, and speechreading in difficult listening situations.

Classes are offered once a week for 90 minutes. Most courses are 10 weeks and provide up to a total of 15 instructional hours.

The current fee for this course is $300 per person, which includes registration, tuition, instruction, materials, and labs.

Communication Support Group (CSG)

The communication support group creates a supportive environment for survivors of stroke and other neurological communication disorders in order to maximize their use of learned strategies to engage with one another and their families. Groups meet weekly in a structured environment for participants.


CODA Language Stimulation Group

The CODA (Child of Deaf Adult) Language Stimulation Group is designed for children aged-three and under to develop speech and language skills in English and American Sign Language in a fun and play-based environment. Services are provided in a bimodal-bilingual environment. Speech-language pathologists facilitate and encourage each child’s continued development of language skills in both languages. Groups meet weekly in a structured environment for participants.



Camp SHARP is GUHSC’s summer camp for Deaf/hard-of-hearing children. It is designed for rising Pre-K and Kindergarten-aged campers to continue to develop their language skills in a bilingual-bimodal (ASL, English) play-based environment. Skill areas addressed are individualized to the child’s learning and audiological profile. These may include: language (receptive, expressive), social skills/pragmatic language, play, speech-reading, early-literacy skills, speech and/or hearing/listening development. Campers have individual camp objectives that are addressed throughout the camp experience.



Dates: June 26, 2023- July 28, 2023 (Mon-Fri)

Times: 9:00 am-3:00 pm (Full day Program); Half-day option available for younger campers 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Tuition: $1500 (full day program/5 weeks); $1375 if enrolled by June 9, 2023

Deposit (nonrefundable) of $250 to enroll, $375/week (minimum 2 weeks enrollment).

Scholarships/financial aid may be available; Payment Plans available!

Please contact Camp Sharp for more information

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