Our center offers a comprehensive set of audiology services including hearing evaluations, hearing aid and device assessment and fitting, as well as assessments for central auditory processing.

Auditory Evaluation

Our clinicians offer comprehensive evaluations to assess hearing sensitivity, conducted in a soundproof booth, along with a non-invasive inspection of the ear canal and eardrum. Results are discussed in detail to ensure our clients understand all aspects of their hearing healthcare. Our doctoral-level audiologists are licensed to provide care for both adult and pediatric clients.

Learn more about our auditory evaluation services here.

Hearing Aids and Devices

At The Hearing & Speech Center, we provide comprehensive hearing aid and hearing device services. Working with several hearing aid manufacturers, our clinicians work alongside clients to identify the best technology for their individual needs.

Visit The Hearing and Speech Center website to learn more about hearing aid services.

Central Auditory Processing

The term “central auditory processing” is used to describe what happens when the brain recognizes and interprets sounds that have been presented. The processing of language involves many elements, beginning at the point an individual initially hears a sound, all the way to ultimately understanding and retaining the information presented. A deficit in any of these elements can result in processing-related difficulties.

Our clinicians evaluate children who are suspected of having central auditory processing challenges using one of two methods—Traditional Auditory Processing Testing and Spoken-Language Processing Assessment. Learn more about these methods and how to schedule an appointment here.

Cochlear Implants

Our audiologists and speech-language pathologists provide cochlear implant mapping, troubleshooting, aural rehabilitation, assistive technology and assessments for implant candidacy.



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