Hearing Aid Evaluation

The hearing aid evaluation begins with a conversation about the unique listening needs and expectations of the client. This information allows us to make a personalized hearing aid recommendation based on each individual’s needs. During the initial visit you will also learn about the different styles of hearing aids, the features that best meet your listening needs and, if appropriate, the use of assistive listening devices, such as safety alert systems, captioned and amplified telephones, and personal FM systems.

During the evaluation, the client has the opportunity to try up to 3 hearing aids from different manufacturers. We offer hearing aids from all major hearing aid manufacturers, including Phonak, GN Resound, Oticon, Widex, Starkey, Unitron, Signia and others.

There is no single hearing aid that is suitable for everyone. Each individual has unique listening needs and sound quality preferences. By trying out aids from different manufacturers, the client may experience the differences in sound quality, fit and style, and features. Through this process, the client can feel confident in selecting the “best” device.

Once hearing aids and, if needed, earmolds arrive at the clinic, the hearing aid is fitted to the client’s ear(s). This process usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Insurance is billed directly if the client’s policy covers the service. Payment for any remaining balance is due at the time of fitting.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Included in the hearing aid fitting is an orientation about the basic care of hearing aids and individualized hearing aid programming. We pride ourselves on providing cutting edge, compassionate, individualized care and we ensure each individual is assisted based on their strengths and needs for fitting.

Once the hearing aid is fitted, the purchase agreement is reviewed and signed.

A follow-up appointment is critical to hearing aid success and is scheduled for 2 – 3 weeks later. During this appointment, we will address any questions or concerns regarding the sound, function or the feel of the hearing aids. There is a 45-day return period on all hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Follow-Up

Hearing aid follow-up appointments occur more frequently initially; then decreases to about once every 6 months. For the first three years, follow-up appointments are included in the initial purchase of the hearing aids. Common reasons for follow-up appointments include non-functional hearing aids, weak sound quality, and clogged tubing. If you are not sure you need an appointment, please call our office. All devices come with a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee. If a hearing aid must be sent out for repair, we provide a loaner device if available.

Understanding access to sound is significantly important to our clients’ daily lives, we hold a walk-in clinic several times a week.

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