Our pediatric speech and language services, provided by our state licensed and ASHA certified clinicians, include a wide range of assessments and therapies related to a child’s particular needs. We have therapists that are trained/certified in the following: Hanen More Than Words, DIR Floortime, PROMPT, PECS, etc.

Pediatric populations we serve include, among others, typically developing children, Deaf/hard of hearing children, children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities (Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, Prader-Willi Syndrome, etc.) and childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).

Improve a child’s ability to make speech sounds or eliminate patterns of errors that make it difficult to understand him/her.

Improve a child’s ability to express ideas or understand the speech/language of others.

Improve a child’s ability to use appropriate communication — language and non-verbal skills — in social interactions.

Improve the communication abilities of children with hearing loss.

Provide access to communication through alternative means, such as low-tech communication boards or high-tech speech generating devices.

Improve a child’s ability to produce fluent speech.

Improve a child’s vocal quality when it is harsh, hoarse, or raspy voice quality due to overuse/abuse, nodules, or degenerative diseases.

Improve a child’s understanding of the sounds of English and the corresponding letters, an important skill in learning to read.

Improve a child’s ability to process the speech/language of others.

Improve a child’s ability to produce intelligible speech due to disorders such as childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and dysarthria.

Improve a child’s ability to tolerate and safely manage different foods to meet their nutritional and sensory needs.

Increase exposure to spoken English for hearing children of Deaf parents (CODAs: bimodal/bilingual).

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