Diversity with Deaf Eyes!

The DEI Deaf-Centric (DEIDC) Institute, partnering with interdisciplinary experts, provides professional development opportunities related to diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence (DEI) from a deaf perspective. The institute aims to produce qualified and credentialed DEI professionals to collaboratively sustain a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, belonging, and social justice in deaf diverse communities. The objectives include acquiring a knowledge of history, examining bias, gaining a conceptual understanding of DEI, scrutinizing models of DEI, transforming your practice, and gaining and sharing expertise. 

While this was originally planned to be a virtual 3-day event on Zoom, DEDI found that a self-paced learning platform would better serve the needs of our audience from all over the world. As such, the DEIDC Institute will be an ongoing educational platform, which will contain three tracks: Understanding Diversity, Institutional Work, and Dynamics of Oppression. These tracks incorporate the Inclusive Excellence framework that steers the work of the Division of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence. The institute is open to professionals working in the DEI field and any other professionals interested in the field.


DEDI plans to charge a fee, per track, which will contain four to five modules. More information about pricing will be provided when a platform is selected for this Institute.


Below is a listing of the modules that will be offered to each track.

Track 1

Understanding Diversity

Overview of EDI work and the direction the University is leading – Christopher D. Johnson

The Problematic Usage of “De/Colonize” Metaphorically
Dr. Rezenet Moges-Riedel

Jim Crow and the Deaf Community: Racism vs. Audism – Lindsay Dunn

Radical Love, Radical Revolution – Brandon L. Williams

The Elephant in the Room: Disability and Ableism in Deaf Discourses
Dr. Octavian Robinson

Track 2

Institutional Work

Overview of Executive Level Leadership – Dr. Elizabeth Moore

From Owws to Hows: Understanding Belonging – Norma Moran and Elizabeth Stone

Audism and Trauma Knowledge Capital – Dr. Julie Rems-Smario

Intersectional View of Language Justice – Tawny Holmes-Hlibok

“What’s in it for me?”: Community-based and Civic Engagement as High-Impact Practices for College Students – Karen Quinones

Track 3

Dynamics of Oppression

Overview of Dynamics of Oppression – Dr. Elizabeth Moore

Topic TBD
Dr. Jeremy Brunson

Utilizing Trauma-Investing When Doing DEI – a Work in School System – Malibu Barron

Topic TBD –Najma Johnson

Community Appreciation Remarks and Next Steps – Christopher D. Johnson

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