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New scholarship opportunity for deaf students of color

An exciting new scholarship opportunity has arisen for Deaf Students of Color at Gallaudet: the President’s Pipeline Scholarship.

As a President’s Pipeline Scholar, you could make a world of difference to Gallaudet and your community after graduating from Gallaudet University.

The primary purpose of the President’s Pipeline Scholars Fund is to develop the leadership capacities of Deaf American citizens and permanent residents who are members of ethnic communities which are underrepresented in terms of faculty, staff and administrator composition to enable the University to produce the diverse talent that will steer it into the future as its faculty and administrative leaders.

We seek applicants who demonstrate aptitude for graduate level studies, desire to secure employment at Gallaudet, the ability to become academic and administrative leaders, and a commitment to make significant contributions to Gallaudet.

Recipients of this scholarship must be enrolled students from sophomores through graduate programs in good academic standing and either US citizens or permanent residents. Those selected to participate in the program must also have a specific and well-articulated goal for eventual employment in faculty or administrative positions at Gallaudet when these become available. Applicants will be asked to articulate their goals and how they intend to achieve them. A student with specific ideas is more likely to be selected than someone who has only a vague vision of what he or she would like to accomplish.

Application Procedures

Please provide all requested materials together, if possible. To apply, please follow the below instructions:

  • Fill out online application. Note: we are no longer accepting applications for 2019-2020.
  • Resume – upload it with the application.
  • Two letters of recommendation. One letter of recommendation is to be from a school official from home or at Gallaudet who is familiar with your academic work. This letter should address your academic ability, potential for successfully earning a college degree, including a graduate degree. The second letter must be from someone from within your affinity group who is familiar with your work in the community. This letter should address your service, advocacy, involvement in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, and leadership potential. Letters must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the signature of the person writing the letter written across the flap; or emailed. They can also be uploaded with the application.
  • Transcript from the Registrar’s Office. S tudents can request copies of their transcripts via their Student Center in BISON. The transcript can be uploaded with the online application, or emailed to us.
  • Personal statement outlining your personal mission, vision, goals for leadership and vision for Gallaudet and your community. This is on the application. Use as much space as you need to provide this statement

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