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Gallaudet junior Lenette Butler created a video – I’m Tired – to bring attention to the frustrations and exhaustion of black deaf students.

Butler says: “There are so many black deaf students who are frustrated and who want their voices to be heard, and to be able to express and explain how they truly feel. Most deaf and hearing community members aren’t listening to us.”

Angry about all that is happening, Butler wanted to find a way to make a change. This led her to call upon her Black friends and produce this video, which has had almost 5,000 views on YouTube.

“I am thankful to all of my black friends for being part of this project and spreading the word,” says Butler. “We resisted, we persisted, and we coexisted! My advice to all: Stand with us and always keep fighting until every Black life is cherished in a heartbeat!”

We see you, we hear you, and we are listening. #BlackLivesMatter

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