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In recent years, with the development of the ProTactile Movement and insights from DeafBlind leaders, institutions have begun to acknowledge the gaps between sighted and DeafBlind students and the need for improved services. However, many are not sure how to do so.

This research considers the sensory worlds of DeafBlind children and sensory cultures of these institutions. Interviews with interveners focus on the DeafBlind children’s placement in the classroom and their learning methods. It also focuses on their relationships with other students and staff (specifically their intervener).

Through conversation with DeafBlind leaders, this research attempts to reimagine educational environments that foster DeafBlind ways of learning. This ethnographic study began with the research question; “what sensory orientations are present in educational environments for DeafBlind children?”

The study uses a mixed-method approach to incorporate a review of existing literature and six interviews with three DeafBlind leaders in the ProTactile movement and three interveners. Participants were chosen based on personal networks, interest in participating in the study, and to be as inclusive as possible.

As this research is ongoing, the results of this study are not yet conclusive.

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Sensory Orientations and the Emplacement of DeafBlind Individuals in Educational Ecosystems

Reut Beckman

SLCC 1112

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