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CADE provides a unique opportunity for Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and Hard of Hearing students to begin their college education while still in high school, with no financial burden.  Students have the potential to earn up to 12-13 credits from Gallaudet University, and they must receive a grade of C or higher to receive college credit.

Our dual credit courses are taught by experienced high school instructors who have gone through training, in collaboration with Gallaudet faculty.  These courses also allow students to interact with college faculty, improve course placements, and minimize the time and costs needed to complete general education and major/minor studies.  This is an exciting chance for students to jumpstart their academic careers and prepare for their future.

Enroll as a CADE student

High School Location with your High School Teachers

  1. Communicate with your High School Teachers and Principal

    • Inform them you are interested in taking a dual credit course that is offered at the High School Location during the next school year. Freshmen and Sophomores should plan ahead on this!
    • If there are no teachers approved as CADE Instructors, ask them to apply!
  2. Determine your eligibility

    Eligibility Requirements

  3. Ask your academic counselor or transition specialist to schedule you under the High School teacher teaching the dual credit course.

    • This course will be taken during your regular school schedule.
    • You do not have to take this course off campus.
    • The teacher teaching this course must be an approved CADE Instructor.
    • If you are not sure, check with your principal.
  4. Your High School Teacher assigned for the dual credit course will register you before the semester begins.

    • Before your school year ends, Check to see if your class schedule is ready!
    • When the following school year begins, Check to see if your teacher (CADE Instructor) has registered you for the dual credit course with Gallaudet University.
  5. When registered, CADE students will receive a Gallaudet University student ID number.

    Your ID number:

    • Will be used with the Registrar Office to keep track of the dual credit courses you take.
    • Will be used to process Unofficial Transcripts.
    • Will be used to process Official Transcripts.


How can my High School become a partner with CADE?

  1. Talk to your High School Principal about your interest in earning college credit in high school!

  2. Submit a request

    Fill out this Form

  3. We’ll be in touch!

    The manager of Gallaudet University’s Charge Ahead Dual Enrollment will be in touch with you.


On Campus at Gallaudet University

  1. Communicate with your principal and academic counselor or transition specialist.

    Determine which course and section number you want to take.

  2. Determine your eligibility.

    1. Collect your most recent high school transcript

    2. Review your eligibility requirements

    Eligibility Requirements

  3. Submit your application.

    First time applicants can submit their application here.

    Apply Here

    1. Apply as an Undergraduate

    2. Under ‘Program’, select Special

    3. Under ‘Student Type”, select Dual Enrollment

    Returning applicants – click the white LOG IN button

  4. Confirm course registration.

    To confirm your course registration, you will receive an email notification from the Registrar’s Office. If you did not get one, contact the CADE manager to follow up on this.

    Please do not contact the Registrar’s Office.

    The Registration for the following semesters are:

    Fall 2024 Semester Spring 2025 Semester
    April 20, 2024 – August 30, 2024 November 4, 2024 – January 24, 2025

Know Where Your Classroom Is

Before the course begins, we encourage you to visit the Welcome Center on campus at Gallaudet University to learn where your classroom will be and the best way to get there. This is to avoid being late to your first day of class on campus!

Schedule a visit today

  1. Select an available date in the Calendar.
  2. Select an available time on the left.
  3. Under “Visitor Type”, select Other
  4. In the message box, let us know where your classroom is (Building and Room Number) and you will be assigned a Student Ambassador to take you there at a time and date that’s convenient for you.

How to Request Your CADE Transcript

A transcript is an official record of the grades and credits earned from Gallaudet University. Registered CADE students may request official and unofficial transcripts. When CADE students become Gallaudet University students after high school, their courses, grades, and credits will already be on their Gallaudet...

High School Students
CADE Student Eligibility Requirements

Students wishing to take advantage of Dual Enrollment opportunities must have their eligibility screened by their academic counselor and be scheduled to take these dual credit courses. Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, or Hard of Hearing Junior or Senior in High School; exceptions given in special circumstances...

High School Students
Expectations and Requirements to Be Successful

Dual Credit courses will be taught at high school campuses by trained high school teachers, in collaboration with Gallaudet University faculty. Both the CADE Instructor and Faculty Liaison will be the ones awarding course grades and school credits. Students should expect a higher level of...

High School Students

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High School Students

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