The Gallaudet University Board of Trustees welcomes nominations for the Board of Trustees from any individual. Below are characteristics that help to determine whether a potential candidate satisfies the criteria for trusteeship.

A candidate does not necessarily need to meet all of the stated criteria; however, nominees to the Board of Trustees should demonstrate as many of these characteristics as possible for consideration as a candidate to the Board of Trustees.

Please note that in determining its selection of new Trustees, the Board will consider additional criteria to complement and strengthen the composition of the current Board, such as diversity and areas of expertise.

The Board seeks trustees with these qualities:

  • Clear understanding of, and willingness to work actively to promote, the interests and quality of the university;
  • Influence at the local, national, or international level that could be used in support of the university and its programs;
  • A capacity and willingness to make significant contributions and/or assist in the university’s fund-raising efforts, as means and time permit;
  • Leadership ability;
  • Special skills, talents, or interests that could prove of value to the university (i.e., legal, finance, business, accounting, technology);
  • Ability to attend and be involved regularly in Board and committee meetings and other university activities;
  • Ethnic, gender, professional, and geographical diversity;
  • A relationship with the university (i.e., alumni member, past or present parent of a Gallaudet University student, member of a school or college advisory council, friend of the university, etc.) other than a university employee or student;
  • Experience at the university level in some capacity (i.e., faculty, administration, research);
  • Clear understanding of, and expertise in, the issues facing K-12 deaf education, telecommunications access, and/or communications access;
  • Clear understanding of the importance of the university as an academic institution;
  • A lack of potential conflicts of interest (i.e., Board membership at a competing university, employment with a company that contracts with the university).

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