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  • All Souls’ News (1907-1949). 
  • American Annals of the Deaf (1847-1969).
  • American Deaf Citizen (1937-1941).
  • Chicago Letter (1880).
  • Clionian (1891).
  • Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf (1869-1975).
  • Deaf Canadian (1909-1915).
  • Deaf Churchman (1946-1975).
  • Deaf Citizen (1919-1920).
  • Deaf Herald (1905).
  • Deaf Mutes’ Friend (1868-1869).
  • Deaf World (1900-1901).
  • Deaf-Mute Itemizer (1880).
  • Deaf-Mute Progress (1883-1885).
  • Ephphatha (United Kingdom) (1909-1924).
  • Ephpheta (Xavier Ephpheta Society) (1912-1918).
  • Gallaudet Guide and Deaf Mutes’ Companion (1858-1862).
  • Gallaudet Home (1948-1964).
  • Gallaudet University Alumni Association Obituaries (1867-2001).
  • Lantern (1881).
  • Mexico Independent and Deaf-Mutes’ Journal (1873-1874).
  • Mission Herald (1910-1947).
  • Missionary Baptist Silent Messenger (1951-1952).
  • Mutes State News (1919).
  • National Deaf Mute Gazette (1862-1868).
  • National Exponent (1895).
  • National Fraternal Society of the Deaf Death List (1906-2000).
  • Once a Week (1900).
  • Recorder (1901).
  • Silent Courier (1914-1915).
  • Silent Ministry (1927).
  • Silent Missionary (1923-1946).
  • Silent News (1969-2002).
  • Silent Worker (1948-1957).
  • Silent World (1871-1876).
  • Tidskrift för Döfstumskolan (1882-1898).
  • Topic (1891).
  • Union Dispatch (1895).
  • Voice of the Deaf (Ephpheta Union) (1900-1905).
  • Fay’s Index to Marriage Records (1889-1894).
  • Gallaudet College – Faculty/Staff Cards, Salary Notations (1910-1944).
  • Gallaudet University Alumni Cards (1866-1971).
  • Visitors to Faneuil Hall, Boston, Massachusetts (December 9, 1887).


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