MSS 110
Peikoff, David, 1900-1995.
Papers of David Peikoff, 1926-1970

Gallaudet University Archives
Descriptive Summary
Repository: Gallaudet University Archives
Call No.: MSS 110
Title: Papers of David Peikoff, 1926-1970.
Quantity: 0.5 Linear Feet (1 document box)
Note: This document last updated 2006 January 6.
Administrative Information
Acquisition Information: David Peikoff donated his papers to the Gallaudet University Archives in 1982.
Processed by: Thomas Strunk. 2001 February 23.
Processing Note: Conditions on Use and Access: This collection is open to the public with no restrictions. Photocopies may be made for scholarly research.
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Vertical Files

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Biographical Sketch
David Peikoff was born in Poltava, Russia, in 1900; he was the fifth child of fifteen kids. He lost his hearing in his pursuit of education. He snuck away from his home when he was five to follow two older sisters to school. He got lost in a blizzard, and then he became frozen and unconscious. Found hours later, he developed a fever afterward and lost his hearing. A short while later, his family emigrated to Canada, Winnipeg, to be exact. He attended Manitoba School for the Deaf in Winnipeg until he was 17, then he quit school to go to a linotype school in Chicago. After a series of jobs, he decided to attend Gallaudet College at the ripe age of 24, the oldest Preparatory student enrolled.

He was president of Gallaudet College Alumni Association when a Centennial Fund was proposed in 1960 before Gallaudet College’s 100th anniversary in 1964. Upon approval of the motion, a tireless worker was needed to campaign for the drive. They did not have to look hard to find one, as he was there, the President of GCAA, David Peikoff. He resigned as a president of GCAA to focus on the drive. He and his wife traveled thousands of miles for six years campaigning for pledges and cash donations. He succeeded beyond everyone’s expectations as he raised $500,000. In June 1967, the fund was officially given to Gallaudet College to build an Alumni House, financial assistance for deaf students of doctoral degrees, and promoting cultural activities for deaf people. Peikoff received two honorary degrees from Gallaudet College. In 1950, he got the Honorary Master’s degree. Then he got another honorary degree, a Doctorate in 1957.

In 1961, he moved to the United States and lived in Maryland. During his residence, he worked at Gallaudet College until his retirement on June 30, 1970. He suffered a stroke in 1971, but he still worked hard. He co-wrote the Gallaudet Almanac with Jack Gannon and Hans Dieter-Baumert, published in 1974. He died in his sleep on January 28, 1995.

Scope and Content
This collection is composed primarily of correspondence and speeches of David Peikoff.
Series Descriptions and Folder Lists
No Series

Box Folder Title of Folder Date
1 1 NAD- Program Books & Flyers 1950-58
1 2 NAD- Correspondence 1950-62
1 3 NAD- Speeches 1949-55
1 4 NAD- Speeches 1956-60& n.d.
1 5 NAD- Publications 1949-66 & n.d.
1 6 NAD n.d.
1 7 Gallaudet Centennial Fund- Correspondence 1966-67
1 8 Gallaudet Centennial Fund- Biography n.d.
1 9 Gallaudet Centennial Fund- Proposal 1970
1 10 Gallaudet Centennial Fund- Memorandum 1961
1 11 Gallaudet Centennial Fund- News Releases 1960-62 & n.d.
1 12 Gallaudet Centennial Fund- Speeches 1943-61
1 13 Gallaudet Centennial Fund- Speeches 1962-70& n.d.
1 14 Gallaudet Centennial Fund- Flyers& Program Books 1957-62 & n.d.
1 15 Gallaudet College 1926-61
1 16 Letter to the Editor 1929
1 17 Clipping 1953

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