Areas of Study

The vertical files provide an overview of various research subjects. They contain news clippings, articles, photocopies, brochures, pamphlets, and basic information about an individual, organization, or subject. The vertical files are an excellent place to begin research. Topics may be searched in SUMMON Catalog.
The subject categories for the vertical files are:

  • African-American: biographies of African-Americans and related topics (in Archives).
  • Deaf Associations: local, state, and national organizations serving the deaf in the U.S (in Archives).
  • Deaf Biographical: biographical or other information on individuals involved with the deaf community (main floor).
  • Deaf International: organizations, schools, and deaf communities outside the U.S. (main floor).
  • Deaf Schools: historical and other information about private, oral or residential deaf schools and programs in the U.S. (main floor).
  • Deaf Subject: deaf community topics, such as sports, interpreting, CODAs, assistive devices and more (main floor).
  • Federal Government: topics such as appropriations and legislation related to Gallaudet (in Archives).
  • Gallaudetiana: topics related to institution’s history, student life, Gallaudet family, and more (in Archives).
Deaf African-American Vertical Files

Adams Jr., Ennals J. Admission of Blacks to Gallaudet College and Kendall School Alabama School for Negro Deaf, The Articles on Black Deaf Battiste, Hume le Prince Black History Month Gallaudet College/Kendall School History of Black Deaf Students Black Deaf Teachers Blood, William Bowe, Frank—Articles...


Resource Type: Archives & Exhibits

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