Course Overview

This course examines the philosophical and historical roots of language teaching curricula through the lens of sign language teaching for primary language learners.  Students will apply curriculum design theories, lesson planning, and assessment in developing a unit. This course will tie curricular outcomes and design with developing and administering assessments for students of sign language and their linguistic proficiency and socio-cultural competence. Topics include the role and function of assessment, validity, reliability, current approaches to assessing language learning, and an analysis of currents for testing sign language skills and knowledge. During this course, students will develop samples of unit plans, lesson plans, and assessments for sign language classes.

General Prerequisite Knowledge: This class brings together a combination of different Bachelor’s degrees, and you are not expected to have prior knowledge in education, curriculum, or assessment. Going to school and taking tests do not guarantee that you will have a working knowledge of school systems, language learning, or the purpose of assessments. If you already have training in education, social work, psychology, or related fields, this class might be a review of what you already know. For most students, this class is a brand new introduction to the field of education and language learning. What you do need to bring is your own prior knowledge in your field- find ways to apply what you know in the assignments and activities!  You might be surprised how many overlaps there are between fields.

Program: American Sign Language

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