We recognize that individuals apply their American Sign Language (ASL) and English skills in a variety of ways, depending upon the communication needs of specific situations. The purpose of the ASLPI is to measure the American Sign Language (ASL) skills that an individual has at a given point in time. As a criterion-based evaluation designed to test your overall ability to use and understand ASL, each recorded interview is rated on the basis of specific criteria in five different categories:

  • Grammar: linguistic elements include sentence types, grammatical categories and discourse functions. Such elements are conveyed by synchronization of non-manual components (e.g., eye-gaze, inflection, and movement).
  • Vocabulary: range and accuracy of vocabulary selection across a variety of topics. The use of colloquial expressions and figurative language is also considered.
  • Accent/Production: accuracy of sign formation, i.e., handshape, palm orientation, location and movement as well as clarity of fingerspelled words and numbers.
  • Fluency: flow of thought which follows a rhythm and pace of delivery that fits the topic being discussed.
  • Comprehension: overall understanding of the conversation. Also examined are the examinee’s spontaneity, responses to questions, and ability to provide visual feedback to the interviewer.

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American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI)

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