You may find that your ASLPI result exceeds your expectations or you may find it is lower than you expected. Remember that your evaluation result is based only on your interview performance. The goal of the ASLPI is to give you a fair and accurate evaluation of your functional language skills at a given point in time. If you have a concern or grievance pertaining to the testing procedures, examination content and/or results, please contact us clearly outlining your concern. Each situation will be reviewed and an appropriate course of action will be taken. The grievance must be made in writing within 20 days after the result report is provided.

Misdirected Appeals
Is your appeal related to an issue with the ASLPI — testing procedures, examination content and/or result awarded? If programs, organizations and/or employers decide to use the ASLPI, they also decide which proficiency level is required for their purposes. Some appeals that are filed are misdirected, e.g., I received a 2 on the ASLPI but I need a 2+ to take the next course in my program. Remember that the ASLPI requirement is not established by ASL-DES, and results cannot be manipulated to satisfy a requirement. If this is the basis for your appeal, we recommend that you meet with the program, organization or employer who established the requirement.

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