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The inaugural Trivia Cup commenced in September 2020. The multi-event competition is open to all individual deaf and hard of hearing middle and high school students enrolled in any type of school/program. Seven trivia events were hosted (Entertainment, Geography, Science and Technology, Mathematics, Language and Literature, U.S. Government and the 2020 Election, and Sports). Each event has a Preliminary and a Final stage. In the Preliminary stage for all events, all participants answered 50 short answer and multi-choice questions via Kahoot! The top three middle school students were recognized as the winners. The top 16 high school finishers advanced to the Final stage where they played in a head-to-head tournament. There were three special Trivia Cup events for Elementary students.

2020 Trivia Cup Results

Top Ten Overall Individual Winners

High school students who participated in more than four events are considered for the Overall Individual Winner recognition. The winners were determined by a point system that awarded points based on how far Trivia Cup participants got in each event. 1st – Donovan Holmes 2nd – Clark Barrett 3rd- Chang-May Tan 4th – Frederick Scott 5th – Coffey King 6th – Geoffrey Porter 7th – Naomi Brock 8th – Troy Holcomb 9th – Kieran Vollmar 10th (tied) – Courtney Bronson and Ryker D’ Angelo

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