Risk Management and Insurance students prepare for the Selective computer simulation exercise competition. They are competing against teams from seven other schools. Standing at left: Yazeed Al-Keaton, Jack Gray; standing in center: Franco Bippus; sitting at center: Darren Drolsbaugh; sitting at computer, Elisha Spinosi. Not pictured: Brianne Leiker.

Six Risk Management and Insurance students will compete against students from seven other schools in a computer simulation exercise on February 23. This competition, sponsored by Selective, a Branchville, New Jersey-based corporation, asks students to build an insurance agency from the ground up. The process includes identifying a location, hiring employees, selecting carriers, selecting carriers, building market share, selecting coverages, communications and marketing, and becoming profitable.

Yazeed Al-Khatib, Franco Bippus, Darren Drolsbaugh, Jack Gray, Brianne Leiker, and Elisha Spinosi will represent Gallaudet. They will be mentored by Emily Bollinger-Miller, a partner in Barnes-Bollinger Insurance of Westminster, Maryland.

The other schools participating in the competition are Appalachian State University, Illinois State University, Indiana State University, Le Moyne College, Middle Tennessee State University, Temple University, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Risk Management and Insurance program graduate Nabeela Shollenberger, ’20, is employed by Selective, and mentored current student Brianne Leiker. According to James H. Bruner, Executive Director of Gallaudet’s Maguire Academy of Risk Management and Insurance,  Selective is in the process of hiring another intern.

“This will be a great learning experience for these students,” said Bruner.

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