On December 8, the media firm announced the winners of five awards for 2023, in the categories Invention of the Year, Tech Community Leader of the Year, CTO of the Year, Tech Company of the Year, and Culture Builder of the Year. Gallaudet University’s AT&T 5G-connected football helmet won Invention of the Year. 

Watch the award announcement. 

The awards program began in October, when the company solicited nominations. They narrowed down the field to five nominees for each category, then asked readers to vote in late November. Over 8,000 votes were cast, about one-quarter of which were from the Washington area.  

Winners in the other categories were Kiante Bush, Tech Community Leader of the Year; Viveca Pavon-Harr, CTO of the Year; Adlumin, Tech Company of the Year; and Tremain Davis, Culture Builder of the Year. 

Black background with white letters spelling out "technically" and yellow letters spelling out "2023 Awards DC Winner"

Former writer Michaela Althouse wrote an article about the helmet in late October. Althouse also wrote about the Proto hologram box that debuted at the Visual-Centric Teaching and Learning Symposium in April. “is a news organization that connects and challenges a community of technologists and entrepreneurs who are invested in where they live.” It has outposts in Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Delaware. Founded in Philadelphia in 2009 by Christopher Wink, Brian James Kirk, and Sean Blanda, its parent company Technically Media “has always prioritized serving communities by informing and connecting people, with special preference toward advancing their careers.”  

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