Gallaudet University has launched a new enrollment initiative. This program, called Charge Ahead Dual Enrollment Program (CADE), allows current high school students to earn Gallaudet University credits.

The courses will be taught by experienced high school teachers. Eight teachers, from the Model Secondary School for the Deaf, Indiana School for the Deaf, Tennessee Schools for the Deaf, and California School for the Deaf, Fremont, participated in a three-day training last month, with Gallaudet faculty members Anita Harding and Tayler Mayer providing instruction on syllabi design and artificial intelligence, respectively. The keynote presenter was Raymond Chard, a CODA who is executive director of High School Programs at Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado. Wrote program manager Allison Gibbons, “Drawing from his vast experience, he explored the nuanced differences between high school and college courses. Additionally, he shed light on the current trends surrounding dual enrollment and its surging popularity among students. Participants gained invaluable insights into the transformative power of this educational pathway.”

In the coming months, Gallaudet will continue to build additional course offerings for high school students looking to earn Gallaudet credits. Watch for more information about this exciting new enrollment initiative.

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