Last Revised: January 28, 2019

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This policy is intended to support the initiative to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly campus by reducing University printing costs through central management and operation of networked printing devices. This policy discontinues the ability to purchase desktop printers and toners/inks for desktop printers institution wide and establishes a criteria for exceptions to the policy to keep a current desktop printer or obtain a new desktop printer, i.e. disability accommodations, multifunction printer with active FAX services, or distance to networked printer


This policy applies to all faculty, teachers, staff, and students (University and Clerc Center) in all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University and to all outside organizations or individuals requesting use of printer resources. The scope does not cover printing services provided by the Reprographics Services or external vendor(s) providing services to Reprographics Services, i.e. print shop jobs.


Faculty/Teachers/Staff Printing

  • Desktop printers will no longer be purchased or supported by the institution. All printers purchased or leased with University funds are expected to be networked and meet the needs of an entire department.
  • University funds will not be used to purchase ink or toner for a desktop printer, non-networked printer, or personal printer. Ink or toner purchase for special purpose printers (i.e. large poster printer, ID card printer, diploma printer, and 3D printer) are exempt from this restriction.
  • All faculty and staff will connect to the nearest available networked printer or multifunction printer as designated by Gallaudet Technology Services and Budget Unit Head.
  • GTS and the Office of Business Support Services in consultation with each other shall be the sole departments authorized to lease or purchase any type of printers, copiers, and multifunctional devices. Those new devices are required to be centrally managed through print job management system, including the use of a Gallaudet ID card to print documents.
  • Multifunction printers with active FAX services are exempt from this policy.
  • Exceptions to the policy to keep current desktop printer or obtain a new desktop printer, i.e. disability accommodations, replacing existing multifunction printer with FAX services, or distance to printer, will require review and approval by senior administrator, GTS, and Human Resources (if applicable).
  • Gallaudet Technology Services is not responsible for hooking up or maintaining personal desktop printers purchased by employees.

Student Printing

  • Students will be able to print their documents in GTS-managed computer labs by utilizing printer management system and their Gallaudet ID cards.

Printing Configuration

  • All printers will be networked.
  • Default print driver configuration will be set to double sided printing in black and white.


  1. Local Printer: A printer that is connected directly to a computer workstation via cabled connection.
  2. Network Printer: A printer connected to the network and set up by Gallaudet Technology Services.
  3. Multifunction Device: Printer/copier device that includes multiple functions in addition to printing, such as FAX or copying and scan to email. Typically set up by Gallaudet Technology Services and/or vendor.
  4. Special Purpose Printer: A printer that has a dedicated function, i.e. large poster printer, ID card printer, diploma printer, and 3D printer.
  5. Personal Printer: An employee-owned printer that is being used on campus via either cabled or network connection.


Printing via the Gallaudet University network will require an active BISON user ID, Gallaudet ID card, and account activation on printer management server for networked printer enabled with ID swipe functionality.

Student pricing and charging process

Active students will receive printing credit for $90 (900 copies in black and white) each semester with no carryovers and no refunds will be issued at the end of semester. Students will be able to purchase additional printing credit through Gallaudet University’s credit card payment website. Students will be charged $.10 per printed side in black and white for printing and copying use immediately when they begin the print or copy job. The printing credit amount is reviewed on an annual basis and the current print job pricing structure is posted next to the printers in the GTS computer labs and on the GTS IT Service Desk Knowledge Base.

Department pricing and charging process

Departments are responsible for the cost of purchasing or leasing networked printer devices and special purpose printers. Purchases must be approved by GTS and Office of Business Support Services. The cost of paper, toners for networked printers, and vendor service call visits are the responsibility of the departments.

Shifting to centralized printer management model

This policy is the first step to reduce the use and cost of desktop printers and its accessories. This is intended to shift the institution towards a centralized printer management model that includes using Gallaudet ID cards to print or copy any document, which ensures the confidentiality and security of any document being printed.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Administration

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2019

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