Last Revised: January 10, 2019

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Gallaudet University Gallaudet Technology Services (GTS) actively monitors network and network resource usage 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Most monitoring activities are routine, and allow GTS staff to detect, diagnose, and fix the normal day-to-day problems associated with operating a complex network. Monitoring also ensures that the network is used for its intended purpose—academics and academic support—and safeguards the University against legal risk.

When Gallaudet Technology Services, or another appropriate unit of the University, believes that technology resources are being:

  • misused,
  • inappropriately used,
  • illegally used,
  • used in a way that compromises or threatens the functioning of the system, or
  • used in conflict with University policies or local, state, federal, or international law,

Gallaudet University reserves the right to investigate, and to take whatever action is necessary to maintain system integrity and security.

The University may review individual IT records to the extent necessary to assess the problem and determine responsibility. The University also reserves the right to delete files, programs, network connections, and/or user accounts.

Both network and individual user logs may be examined. This includes the logs of personal computers or servers that are attached to the University network, whether they are owned by the University or by other parties.

Abuse of technology privileges may result in appropriate disciplinary action. In many cases, the user will be given a warning. Cases involving students may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for review by the Office of Student Conduct. Similarly, cases involving Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center students may be referred to the appropriate Demonstration School program managers for disciplinary action. If the user violates our policies more than once then this may result the account or computer losing network privileges for a time frame by the Information Security Officer and/or after the appropriate disciplinary action has been completed.

Gallaudet Technology Services may suspend or revoke user e-mail or network privileges. In cases of illegal activity, the University may refer the matter to law enforcement authorities.

Finally, the University reserves the right to respond to legally-mandated requests for technology records. For example, if a law enforcement agency is investigating allegations of copying and distribution of copyrighted material, and serves a court-approved search warrant upon the University, the University is obligated to permit the search.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Administration

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