Last Revised: January 10, 2019

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The Data Center in EMG provides a physically secure environment for servers that store and manage Gallaudet University’s most critical data, such as student records and financial information. GTS limits access to the Data Center to technicians and managers who need direct physical contact with the servers to perform their jobs and who agree to abide by GTS rules for the Data Center. The servers under direct GTS management are maintained and backed up by GTS.

The following general rules and principles govern use of the Data Center:

  • The Data Center’s primary function is to provide a physically secure and protected environment for servers that provide mission critical services or that require extraordinary security. The Data Center manager generally determines whether a server needs to be in the Data Center. Units that disagree with the manager’s decision may appeal to the GTS Executive Director.
  • The Data Center must have sufficient data ports and electrical outlets to handle new servers that units wish to place in the Data Center and that GTS agrees are mission critical. There may be additional charges for additional data ports and/or electrical outlets.
  • GTS staff must have full administrative access to the servers.
  • Servers in the Data Center must be current with hardware and software support contracts to reside in the Data Center.
  • Licenses must be kept current and a copy shared with GTS.
  • GTS will provide assistance with hardware and base Windows operating systems. GTS does not support third party applications, unless there is an agreement in advance between the Data Center manager and the department.
  • Server data backup may be provided for the servers after consultation with the Data Center manager. There may be additional charges for backing up the data.
  • In the event that GTS, or another appropriate unit of the University, believes that the server is being used in a manner inconsistent with University rules, the University may disconnect the server.

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2019

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