Last Revised: January 10, 2019

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GTS safeguards data stored on GTS production servers in the Data Center by backing up the data and retaining the tapes at an off-site facility. The backups ensure that you can be back into business in a shorter period of time. Backups have a copy of the data at the time of the last backup and changes made after the backup could potentially be lost.


GTS follows the following data retention procedures:

  • Full backup performed once a week, starting on Friday at 5pm
    • General data retained for up to one month
    • Bison (Workday/PeopleSoft) data retained for three months
    • Databases are backed up at least twice a day
    • Cold Bison (Workday/PeopleSoft) backup will occur from 1-5am on Saturday morning. During this time, Bison will not be available
  • Incremental backup performed four days a week, Monday – Thursday starting at 5pm
    • Data retained for up to 2 weeks

Gallaudet E-mail System is operated by Google and all e-mails are saved and retained by Google Vault for up to ten years.

If you suspect that your data may be lost or corrupt, please submit a request through the IT Service Desk. In order to restore the data by the next business day, we will need to receive the request before noon (12 p.m.).

If the data restoration is an emergency and must occur during the same day, there may be a fee associated with emergency delivery of tapes. Please discuss this with the Data Center team and/or the manager for further information.

If there are any questions about backup procedures, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2019

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