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Navigating to the Academic Planning – Build your academic planner

My Planner

Plan By My Requirements

Adding a course from course catalog

Assign a course to term plan

Navigating to the Academic Planning

Once you are logged into PeopleSoft, the screen will look like this:

Bison Student Planner Self Serv Menu

Now, click on Self Service hyperlink.

Result: The Self Service page with Sub-menu choices appear as below:

Bison Student Planner Step 2

In the Self Service page, click on “Academic Planning”. You can click on either the Academic Planning in the left Navigation Portal or on the page. Both links will navigate to the Academic Planning.

Self-Service > Academic Planning > My Planner

A sample Academic Planning page is shown below:

Academic Planner

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Plan by My Requirements

The “My Planner” under the Self Service menu will display your academic planning.

My Planner

Click the Plan by my requirements buttonbutton on top right.

The “Plan by My Requirements” page appears as below:

Plan by my requirements

Click on the department major that you have declared or plan to declare (ie: English).

The drop-down arrow will expand the list of courses for the major chosen.

Bison Student Planner Elective English Lookup

Any two of the courses listed must be completed to satisfy the English writing elective courses requirements. Completed courses will show up with grade and semester completed. As shown, the two English courses completed are in ENG 390 and ENG 392 with grade “A”.

Bison Student Planner Status

A sample list of required courses (ie: General Studies Requirements), that are not yet satisfied, appears as below: (ie: Integrated Learning Course C – GSR 230 or GSR 231)

Bison Student Planner Step 8

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Adding a course from “My Requirements”

Under “My Requirements”, the following courses are required to satisfy your General Studies Requirements, Freshmen Foundation (ie: GSR Requirements shown below). Click the “Integrated Learning Course C” to expand the list of courses, shown below:

Bison Student Planner Step 8

To add a course to the planner, click on the course name (ie: GSR 230 Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning) under the description column. It appears as below:

Bison Student Planner Step 9

Click on bison add to planner button to add GSR 230 to the “My Planner”.

Click “Return to Plan by My Requirements” or “My Planner” under the Self Service menu in the left Navigation Portal and go to “Assign a course to term plan” and follow the same steps.

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Adding a course

Add a course to your planner by using “Browse Course Catalog”, click on the Bison Browse Course Button

The “Browse Course Catalog” page appears:

Bison Student Planner Step 10

To search course catalog, click the drop-down arrow by the subject code to display or hide course information. You can click on any alphabet letter to search by first letter of the subject course.

Select courses by checking the selected box(es). You can add one or multiple course(s) at a time.

Bison Student Planner Step 11

Click the Bison Add to Planner Button button after you find a course you want to add to your academic planning.

The next page appears: “course has been added to your planner”

Bison Student Planner Step 12

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Assign a course to term plan

Click on “My Planner” hyperlink in the left Navigation Portal to return to “My Planner”.

A course added to the list of unassigned courses appears as below:

Bison Student Planner Step 13

Click to check a box under “Select” to select any course on your list (ie: ART 126).

Click the drop-down menu to search for Term which you want to move selected courses to the Term.

Click on the “Move” button to move selected courses to Term and the page will look like this; with a successful message:

Bison Student Planner Step 14

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