PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0

Navigating to Faculty/Advisor Self Service

Faculty Self Service

Entering Attendance Information

Navigating to Faculty/Advisor Self Service

Once you are logged into PeopleSoft, the screen will look like this:

Log-in Screen

Now, Click on Self Service hyperlink.

Result: The Faculty/Advisor Self Service page with sub-menu choices appear as below:

Bison Self Serve

Faculty Self Service

The Faculty Center under the Self Service menu is the main page for class schedules, class roster, grade entry, and attendance roster.

For questions about Self Service, contact the Registrar’s Office.

Entering Attendance Information

  • In the Faculty/Advisor Self Service page click on “Faculty Center” hyperlink. You can click on either the Faculty Center hyperlink in the left navigation portal or on the page. Both hyperlinks will navigate to the Faculty Center page. A sample Faculty Center page is given below:
  • Bison Attendance Fac Center
  • The Faculty Center will automatically list your class schedule for the current term. The class schedule will include the class roster, class permissions (if applicable), and attendance roster for each class. The Attendance Roster is indicated by the Roster icon icon.Click on a class’s corresponding Attendance Roster icon to begin entering the attendance information for the class. A sample Attendance Roster is shown below:Bison Attendance Roster Page
  • Click the Bison Attendance View button button in order to see the attendance list for the class meeting you wish to enter the data for. A sample attendance list for 10/03/2018 class meeting is shown below:Bison Attendance List
  • The default option is that a student is in class. You can indicate absence by clicking on the green check box in the present column. You can indicate if the student was tardy or left early by checking the appropriate box as well. If you wish to enter a reason for the absence, select a reason from the drop down list in the reason column.
  • After you have made the changes, click the Bison Attendance Save Return button to save attendance information. You will be taken back to the Attendance Roster page.

If you need help resetting your password please contact Contact

If you have questions regarding classes missing from your list, or students missing from your grade roster, or any other questions regarding the content of online grade entry, please contact the Registrar’s office here.

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