Before you sign a rental agreement, you should make sure you have read the agreement thoroughly and you understand the responsibilities involved with the terms mentioned below.

You should also make sure these terms are clearly identified in your lease and compare any lease you are signing with the applicable tenant-landlord laws.

If any of these areas are not covered in your lease, you can ask your landlord to add it or to clarify the policy relating to the missing term.

If you have questions about leases and the legal issues involved in renting accommodation, call the Landlord Tenant Resource Center on 202-508-1710.

You can also check the D.C. Tenant Bill of Rights.


  • Amount
  • Due Date
  • Late payment penalty
  • Reduction for advance payment
  • Price changes
  • Conditions for price changes

Security/Damage Payments

  • Amount
  • Conditions for return
  • Date for return


  • Ability to sublet
  • Conditions for sublet
  • Conditions for terminating


  • Location
  • Limitations

Additional Costs

  • Utilities (i.e. gas, electric, water, internet)
  • Pet-related charges/deposit
  • Overnight or weekend guest
  • Parking
  • Furnishings
  • Cleaning
  • Other


  • Smoking
  • Noise
  • Storage
  • Pets
  • Alterations (i.e. picture-hanging, painting)
  • Conduct
  • Parties

Time Of Occupancy

  • Dates (exact)
  • Requirements for moving notification or renewal
  • Number of occupants (minimum and maximum)


  • Responsibility for damages
  • Assessment of damages
  • Responsibility for repairs

Changes in Agreement

  • Conditions for changes in agreement
  • Process for changing agreement

Laundry Facilities

  • Provision of facilities
  • Ability for tenant to install machines
  • Other limitations


  • By whom (i.e. landlord, additional inspectors)
  • Use of rental inventory
  • Letter of Compliance
  • Notification of inspection


  • Responsibility
  • Frequency
  • Equipment provided

Special Considerations

  • Planned improvements/special work


  • Name and address of property owner
  • Name and address of property manager
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