Areas of Study

Outreach Responsibilities

  • Develop and conduct scheduled programs and educational sessions throughout the year, as well as at the request of faculty, other paraprofessional programs, athletic teams, student organizations, and other student groups.
  • Promote HIV testing at weekly Deaf AIDS Project’s booths.
  • Co-coordinate one or more special events each month, including events such as World AIDS day, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Great American Smoke-out, Alcohol Awareness Week, and health fairs.
  • Collaborate with other Gallaudet departments to co-sponsor events, such as movies, speakers, panels, and health fairs.
  • Network with outside organizations to assist in the development of programs to benefit the Gallaudet campus community.
  • Plan and present health booths on different topics of interest to the student population.
  • Develop and maintain an eye-catching, monthly bulletin board in ELY Center with rotating topics.
  • Post eye-catching, monthly healthy bathroom tips and other related information on posters around campus.
  • Develop monthly event and topic banners in accordance with various health topics.
  • Develop and implement advertising strategies for all Health and Wellness Programs events.
  • Utilize planning forms to develop programs, health booths, and posted materials.
  • Distribute evaluation forms to each participant at each event.
  • Summarize programs on appropriate form following the implementation of each program.
  • Attend other PHAs’ programs and review the PHAs with the Peer Program Evaluation form to give feedback and recommendations about programs.
  • Act as a liaison between the various health-related departments on campus and the student body.
  • Attend Peer Exchanges, Bacchus Network conferences, and other professional development events to share and learn information to enhance knowledge of health topics.
  • Assist with other Health and Wellness Programs activities, tasks, and projects as needed.

Peer Support Responsibilities

  • Treat information from students with complete confidentiality.
  • Possess a working knowledge of campus resources and services, and refer students as appropriate.
  • Expand knowledge of local community resources for appropriate referrals as needed.
  • Be available as a resource to students during regular office hours.
  • Meet individually with students who have questions about health issues and those who are referred to PHAs from other offices.

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Attend all PHA training sessions.
  • Attend PHA retreats (August, January), along with weekly meetings.
  • Effectively manage your time so PHA responsibilities take priority over personal commitments (second only to schoolwork).
  • Understand and comply with all University policies.
  • Maintain a standard of personal and professional conduct that offers an excellent example to other students.

Contact Us

Peer Health Advocates

Ely Center 103

(202) 510-9594

(202) 651-5144

(202) 651-5651

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