Effective Date: November 13, 2003

Revised: April 30, 2018

Under Subsequent Review: September 2020

Updated: January 2023

Universities around the world honor individuals or entities who have made important contributions that enable teaching, research, public service, and scholarship, and promote the mission and values of the University. Gallaudet is no different. As the need for private contributions to the University continues to increase, opportunities arise for Gallaudet to facilitate philanthropic gifts by naming programs and campus facilities to honor the generosity of these donors. All naming must be consistent with the University’s goals and mission. Accordingly, all such proposals shall be reviewed and approved in accordance with related University policies and guidelines.

For the purpose of this policy, naming opportunities refer to campus buildings, memorials, and academic and non-academic programs. Recognition opportunities are not limited to naming facilities for the honoree, but include other means, such as naming a program, in which individuals or entities are recognized for their contributions-academic, financial, or other- that bring distinction to the University and its mission.

*In general, recognizing an individual or group is based on three factors.

  • While serving the University in an academic capacity, the individual has demonstrated high scholarly distinction and earned a national or international reputation.
  • While serving the University as an employee, student, leader, or community member, the individual rendered distinguished service that warrants recognition of their exceptional contributions to the welfare of the University.
  • The individual has contributed in truly exceptional ways to the welfare and longevity of the institution and/or a deaf community, or achieved such unique distinction as to warrant recognition.

*(Note: Detailed guidelines are listed later)

Co Chairs

Jeremy Brunson, Division of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence (DEDI)

Meredith Peruzzi, National Deaf Life Museum

Supporting Staff 

Alexander Leffer, Division of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence (DEDI)

Senda Benaissa, The Office of the President



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