The charge of the committee is to set parameters and recommend policy decisions as a part of a comprehensive approach to the enrollment and delivery of student aid at Gallaudet University. This committee ensures that enrollment is included in the mission and goals of the college and financial aid is used to support enrollment goals. These efforts will also provide Gallaudet with a focus on institutional-level enrollment efforts regarding net tuition revenue and distribution; tuition and pricing models including student yield; student academic quality including persistence and success; and institutional market research. This committee will establish and monitor net tuition goals that will support Gallaudet’s financial sustainability while recognizing the importance of student affordability. This committee also will intervene when campus procedures must be changed to support the aid process or to resolve campus level challenges surrounding the delivery of aid. The overarching goal is to ensure a thriving postsecondary sustainable model for future and current Gallaudet students, as well as alumni.


This Committee has the following authority:

  • Formulating and recommending to the Provost short-term and long-range enrollment projections and student financial aid services for the University and its programs;
  • Setting sustainable net tuition goals that recognize the value of a Gallaudet education and student affordability concerns.
  • Obtaining awareness regarding industry trends and best practices, understand the impact to Gallaudet, and communicate these realities to a larger audience;
  • Compiling and analyzing comprehensive data concerning financial aid, student enrollment and retention, including data for relevant student subgroups notably students of color;
  • Examining existing and ongoing institutional research on student trends, and student experience to determine areas of strength and concern that impact enrollment and financial aid;
  • Examining issues of student financial aid as a part of retention and persistence with the intent of recommending short-term and long-range strategies for maximizing student success;
  • Streamlining student account records to be more digitally accessible (i.e. payments online and through technological devices).
  • Promoting financial literacy and awareness toward student’s pathway to success


Name Title / Role

Brad Hermes

Chief Finance Officer

Roberto Sanchez

Interim Dean Academic and Career Success

Doryann Barnhardt

Director of Financial Aid

Beth Gibbons

Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Tami Santimyer

Director of Graduate Enrollment

Charles Reilly

Charles Reilly

Crystal Harris

Director of Student Financial Services

Tysha Battle

Financial Planning and Analysis Director

Updated January 2023

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