Gallaudet recognizes the need to prevent enrolling in courses that have been taken elsewhere at institutions you’ve attended previously. Therefore we make every effort to evaluate your coursework thoroughly and fairly to determine if transfer credit can be awarded. Credits from International Colleges/Universities vary and will be evaluated individually.

The University requires that all international students with transfer work obtain a course-by-course evaluation from any of the following pre-approved US-based credentials evaluators:

NOTE: Students must ensure their request for service is the course-by-course evaluation; this would provide the name of the course, the credits earned, and the US grade equivalent.

Also, students must submit a course syllabus, translated into English, for all courses taken. The syllabus must contain the following:

  • Course title
  • Course number
  • Start and end dates of each course
  • Description of the course, including each topic covered
  • Name of the textbook(s) used including title, author, edition, and date of publication.

Courses, for which course syllabi/course descriptions have not been submitted, will be granted transfer as general electives and will not apply to any major requirements. For those courses listed on the transcript with no grades or scores, grades of C- or below, Pass/Fail scores, Audit, or for 0 credit hours are not eligible for transfer credit.

To allow for timely scheduling of your first semester of classes here at Gallaudet, we impose a deadline of August 1st (Fall semesters) and December 1st (Spring semesters) for all college transcripts to be submitted to the Admissions Office, who in turn will hand the transcripts to the Transfer Specialist in the Registrar’s Office for evaluation.

Please refer to the Transfer Credits webpage for more information on transfers.

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